It is better to say something !!

Is there a cause and effect in everything? There is no conclusive and definite answer to this. There are always two answers to this question. One answer is coming from the depth and the other answer is coming from the surface. The scientists believe in everything that has a cause and an effect. They strongly believe that there is no effect without a cause. They have infact done a great experiment in this direction. They created an emptiness. They removed all matter and created emptiness. And they found to their surprise that there are quantum fluctuations even in that emptiness. What caused these quantum fluctuations? They have no clue on this. There is no definite and conclusive answer for this. There is nothing in that space and still something causes these quantum fluctuations. Is emptiness really empty? Is emptiness fullness too? In fact emptiness and fullness are two perspectives of the same reality.

There is a story similar to this in the Upanishad. There was a crow and it was cawing. There was also the wind blowing. The crow sits on a tree and the fruit falls. The cawing of the crow, the blowing of the wind, the sitting of the crow on the tree, and the falling of the fruit off the tree, all these happen simultaneously. They all happen at once. The question is what caused what? What caused the fruit to fall off the tree? Has the cawing of the crow caused the fruit to fall off the tree? Is the falling of the fruit a cause for the cawing of the crow? There can not be a definite and conclusive answer to this. The duality is a manifestation of the reality. And hence there are always two answers to this. One answer is coming from the depth of the reality and the other answer is coming from the surface of the reality. At the depth of the reality the answer is, nothing is causing nothing. And at the surface of the reality the answer is, everything is causing everything. These are the only two possible answers. 

The same is true when it comes to words and silence. Has the silence caused the words or have the words caused the silence? The same is true with words and silence. Is it better to say something or just keep quiet? People say that the silence says everything. No, silence can not say everything. The silence may create a misunderstanding. The words also can create a misunderstanding. And the words can also be used to remove that misunderstanding. Therefore, it is better to say something than say nothing. Can the words say everything? No, the words can not say everything. The truth is far bigger than the words. Whatever you say, something is always left out. And it is always better to say something than say nothing.

I am a Finance and Commercial professional having more than 25 years of Corporate Experience. I have last worked with Reliance Retail Limited, 100% subsidiary of its flagship, a Fortune 500 company, as Assistant Vice President and Head of Business Commercial. I have worked with Subhiksha (Retail Chain) as Vice President and Head of Finance and Commercial of a SBU. And also worked with LG (Korean MNC) as AGM and Head of Logistics and Commercial for their Pune Plant. I have expertise in Finance, Taxation, Commercial and Supply Chain Operations. I am having vast experience in managing complex business situations and its people. I have proven skills in taking businesses and its people to their next level and putting them on an auto-growth path. I possess expertise and professional skills in helping organizations and its people to transform their existing businesses for an organic business growth, unique leadership and new values. I am actively interested in sharing a new and unique leadership with a difference. I am a guest and visiting faculty to various B-Schools. I am passionately interested in education, training, and research. I am helping various organizations on issues relating to corporate performance, productivity and motivation. I help in infusing enthusiasm and zeal in individuals to unlock their latent potential. I help individuals in creating a new attitude, a new gestalt, a new thinking and enabling them to take a quantum leap to their peak performance.

I am personally interested in Zen, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Management, Motivation and Leadership.

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