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Mindfulness @ Workplace

Can you imagine what is common among Google, Target, and General Mills? It is Meditation. Well, this will surprise everybody in the corporate world but its true. This is how one of the greatest companies on the earth are approaching towards corporate excellence. Financial Times magazine has reported that many big companies are embracing the Eastern approaches towards finding one’s own center. This is what Janice Marturano, Deputy General Counsel of General Mills told the magazine: “It’s about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and feel connected”. He also says that training of Mindfulness is all about compassion to ourselves and to everyone around us - our colleagues, customers. The New York Times has also reported that Google has devised a Mindfulness course called “Search Inside Yourself” and this course has already been taken by 1,000 employees at the company. The creator of the course, Mirabai Bush, told the Chicago Tribune that it shown the results of decreasing stress levels in the research. Google spokeswoman Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg told the Associated Press that she has used mindfulness to help her be less irritable and take things less to heart. Even though mindfulness has Buddhist roots, the author of the Financial Times Magazine article said that most leaders of companies promoting mindfulness to their employees that he spoke to are not Buddhist. And it’s not just businesses that are utilizing the practice - business schools are also teaching students about mindfulness, the Wall Street Journal reported, including Claremont Graduate University and Harvard Business School

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What is Right Mindfulness? It is a powerful meditation technique given by Buddha. But please remember that it has nothing to do with Buddhism. Meditation is religion-neutral. Mindfulness has nothing to do with any religion. It is a common standard. And it is a cross-cultural, cross-religion, and religion-neutral platform. Meditation or Zen is universal and it is not personal. It is Individual and also for the benefit of the whole of humanity. It has nothing do with the organized religions but yes it has something do with being religious. It is a quality. It is a quality of being one with the whole. It is a method to focus on one’s body, mind and soul. It is focusing on one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a powerful meditation method that eventually helps every individual to evolve into a Cosmic Being, who is capable of creating an excellence in everything. It is everybody’s birthright and nobody’s copyright.

What are the benefits of Right Mindfulness? 
  • Helps in focusing and deciding on priorities. Management by Objectives (MBO) and Management by Exception (MBE) comes on the fly. 
  • Helps in making decisions faster, quicker, and accurate. 
  • Helps in concentration on projects and plans without drain-outs and fatigue. 
  • Helps in reducing stress and strain. It increases the energy levels to an exceedingly high levels. 
  • Helps in “doing more with less” and at the same time gives joy and happiness
  • Helps in increasing the success rate by reducing the failure factors. And without right mindfulness our chances of success and failure are 50% : 50%
  • Helps in being innovative and creative. People like Buddha use 100% percent of their Minds
  • Helps in controlling negative thoughts and negative impulses. 
  • Helps one feel young, alive, and energetic. 
  • Helps in improving overall health and happiness, and creates an immunity for many diseases.

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