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Vishwaroopam, The Cosmic Being

Let us understand our body at the level of the matter. Our body is flesh, blood, bones, etc. Go further deeper, it is made-up of billions and trillions of cells. Each cell is a living body. Go further deeper into the cells. You come to the very basic building blocks of the matter - electrons, protons, and neutrons. And these electrons are travelling almost at the speed of light. Now compare this body with the universal body outside. The fundamental building blocks of the universe are also the same - electrons, protons, and neutrons. Now connect your own body with the outer universe because both have been reduced to their fundamental constituents. Everything has become one energy. Nobody knows from where it has started and nobody knows where will it end. Everything has become one single energy field. It is infinite. It is boundless. It contains everything that was needed before the big bang and it also has everything that is needed as of now. And it also has everything that is needed to go from here. The past, the present, and the future are all available in the cosmic form simultaneously. Everything is dynamic and everything is continuously changing. While I am writing this blog and posting it, you, me and everything is changing. We are not the same again. Have you still not seen your Vishwaroopam? 

But this is only intellectual. Our mind will never agree to this. The mind has its own doubts. The mind has its own agony and misery. Arjuna needed 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Geeta to explain everything possible by Krishna. But still there are doubts. Because the experience was not his own. A borrowed thing will always remain as borrowed. To own it means to discover it in one’s own inner being. This has to be existential. This has to be experiential. It can not be historical. It can not be mythological. And this has to be spiritual.

Now let us peep into our brain. According to the neurologists our brain is a 2.5 pounds jelly-like substance. And this substance has 100+ billion neurons in it. Old neurons die and new neurons come into being. There is a continuous big bang and big crunch going on there. There is a continuous evolution and dissolution happening there. Even there also, continuously old universes are dying and new universes are being born. Neurons carry information. They share information. They share and communicate information. These neurons in the brain continuously create a networking among themselves just like we create our Business Networking, Social Networking, and Spiritual Networking. They become friends and associate, and they also become enemies and dissociate. This on-off thing is going on between them continuously. And when you count the networking, the neurologists say that it is more than the number of the basic elements in the whole cosmos. Our mind is nothing less than a cosmos. Our mind is nothing less than a Brahma. Upanishads proclaim, “Aham Brahmasmi”. Have you still not seen the Vishwaroopam? 

But again this intellectual. It will not help much. The doubt will linger and it is good !! 

Let us now divide the being of the man psychologically. The three basic elements at the level of the matter evolve to the level of Tamas, Rajas, and Satva. These are the three psychological layers of the human being. Tamas is the outermost layer of the human being. This is the periphery of the human being. This is the circumference of our being. In this layer are the negative thoughts and negative emotions of a human being. And they are travelling at much bigger speeds than the speed of light. Because thoughts travel faster than light. As we go deeper, we confront and come across the other layers of our being. The next layer below is the layer of Rajas. And this layer is made of the positive thoughts and positive emotions. This is a much more stronger layer than the first layer of Tamas. Why? According to the physicists, as we move deeper from the circumference of the atom to the center of the atom the power increases. Protons are more powerful than the electrons. And the neutrons are more powerful than the protons and electrons. Therefore, the layer of positive thoughts and positive emotions is more powerful than the layer of negative thoughts and negative emotions. The layer of Rajas is more powerful than the layer of Tamas. Let us go further deeper. Now we come to a third layer called the Satva. The layer of Satva contains the neutral thoughts and neutral emotions. The layer of Satva is more powerful than the layer of Rajas and Tamas. At the very core of our being is an absolute silence. Now there are no thoughts. All thoughts have dispersed just like how in a silent ocean the noise-making waves disappear. In this silent state of our being we experience the divine. This is our soul. This is our center. This is the state of our true being. The by-product of this state is an infinite empathy, love, compassion, and bliss. This is the state of a Sachitananda

Now we have discovered our true being. This is how we have moved into the three layers of our being - unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, and consciousness. When we bring in our consciousness to our unconsciousness, the unconsciousness simply dissolves and disappears. Our unconsciousness is far bigger than our consciousness. According to the psychologists the unconsciousness is 7-times bigger than the consciousness

Just take the example of a dark room. Let us say that the entire room is filled with absolute darkness. Let us call this as one of the layers of our being. Let us say that this is the layer of our unconsciousness. Now let us bring a small candle of light. The light of the candle has yet not spread the entire room. Let us say the point at which the darkness and light encounter is called the layer of our sub-consciousness. This is just an intersection of the two layers. Slowly and slowly the light of the candle spreads the room and the entire room which was dark has become illuminated. Now the entire room is filled with the light and there is no darkness. This illuminated state of the dark room is like the state of our consciousness

And this is only a half of the journey. You have only discovered yourself. You have discovered your own center. You have discovered your own soul. You have not yet discovered the very center of the divine - the super-consciousness. The waves have become one with the ocean. The waves have become the ocean. But the ocean has still not merged into the super-ocean. You have still not merged with the divine. You have still not become one with the One

These three layers of our being, that is, the unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, and consciousness function at three levels - Individual, Collective, and the Cosmic. 

When your individual being is dissolved in the cosmic being it is called the cosmic consciousness. At a cosmic level the three layers of the individual being, that is, the Tamas, Rajas, and Satva, evolve to the level of Shivam, Sundaram, and Satyam. When your individual being is dissolved in the being of the cosmos you become a cosmic being. This is an ultimate experience. This is called the cosmic consciousness. This is the real Vishwaroopam. This is the Cosmic Being. 

But this is still a form (Roopa). And the divine is formless (Aroopa), and can yet manifest in many forms. This cosmic being has emerged out of the formless called the super-consciousness. And this super-consciousness is beyond all forms. This is beyond all the concepts of our mind. This is beyond all our names. This is beyond all our definitions. This is beyond all our formulations. Now you can not name it. You can only feel it and experience it. And just for the sake we are calling it super-consciousness. Just for the heck we are calling it super-consciousness. This is just a pure nothingness

Mythology is only a metaphor for a hidden truth. Mythology is only a symbolic expression of a hidden reality. The mythological Krishna is only a symbolic expression for the above ultimate reality. God is not a person. There is nothing called God as a person. There is something called the divinity. It is a quality. It is a meaning. It is a state. It is like a Tatva. It is like a law. It is like a principle. It is like a pure energy. And this can be one’s existential inner experience. 

As long as we believe in a mythology, it will only remain as a myth. But when we try to uncover the myth, it may become an existential reality. How long can we seduce, deceive, and exploit the humanity with the mythological Krishna? No, it will not serve any purpose. 

The future humanity has to be very intelligent. If the humanity does not survive, our any kind of truth, mythological or real will have no meaning. We are only killing the potential intelligence of the whole humanity by all this nonsense. When Krishna is talking to Arjuna, he is only representing the super-consciousness because he has experienced the same. 

Let us please attain to the real Vishwaroopam. Let us be the real Arjuna. Krishna is eternally waiting for the real Arjuna

Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata. 
Abhyuthanam adharmasya tadathmanam srijamyaham. (4/7) 

Paritranaya sadhunam vinashayacha dushkritam. 
Dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge. (4/8) 

The eternal Krishna has always been there. He has never gone anywhere. There is no need for him to come again and again. He has always been here. Only here and here. Always !!

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