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TOI’s Note to their Readers

Times of India has published a note to their readers on 23rd January, 2014 on the front page of their paper. This article can also be be read online on their portal at this link: A note to our readers: TOI’s sole allegiance is to you. The note to their readers is mentioned below in quotes: 

It is being said that this paper, after initially supporting AAP, has now ‘turned’ against it. We were prepared for this. We have been called pro-Congress, anti-Congress, pro-BJP, anti-BJP. We have been accused by some of being cheerleaders for Narendra Modi, and by others of running a campaign against him. And depending on who you listen to, we are either too soft or too hard on Rahul Gandhi. 

Truth is, we have no political masters, nor do we have any hidden agendas. The only side we take is that of our readers. 

We do not seek power or influence despite being by far the world’s largest-circulated English newspaper. But we do want to use the columns of this paper to do good. We want to make India a better place for our children; we want them to grow up with hope, not despair. 

Our job is to inform, educate, entertain, guide, and above all, help every reader realise his or her full potential. We believe in primacy of the individual over the state, and that democracy in its truest sense is about the power of one. We believe in personal liberty and in freedom of choice. We believe that governments and political leaders are here to serve, not to rule. We believe taxpayers have a right to expect that their money is spent honestly, prudently and wisely - instead of disappearing down the ratholes of sloth, corruption and political handouts. We believe natural resources need to be allocated fairly and transparently. We believe that business, when honestly conducted, is good for the nation. We believe in the creation of opportunity for the greatest number. 

We will support Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal and every other politician every time they do the right thing. But no one should expect a blank cheque from us. Our sole allegiance is to our reader, not to any politician or party. 

I being one of the readers also commented to the article and my comment was published as under:

It takes time for a dinosaur to die. It also takes time for a dinosaur to realize that it is dying. As of now there are 1835 comments to this article. And many have said that their comments are deleted. Just take the statistics of these comments from your own readers and you will know the truth. The truth is that you show that you are impartial but you are not. The truth is that you think you are impartial but you are not. Many questions arise from your above note to your readers. A few are: (1) Whay this note now? Why this need arisen now? Are you scared that a new regime may come in the near future? (2) The biggest question. You claim that you are one of the oldest papers in India. Please also tell to the readers, how many times you have published such a note in the past. This will be the litmus test for what you are claiming. No. I am sorry, your readers dont accept your claim. You are not what you claim. Thanks :)

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